Nespresso Compatible Espresso Machine

Overview parts and controls  

Fill/Refill water

There are two ways to fill the water tank: directly into the machine, by using, for example, a jug, or by removing the water tank.

Filling without removing the tank

–Raise the water tank lid.

– Fill the tank up to the “MAX” mark with cold fresh water (the maximum capacity is 0.8 litre), or at least the “Min” mark .

–Low down the lid.


Filling by removing the water tank

–Hold the water grip at tilting angle as shown in direction 1 to remove the water tank from the machine.

– Fill the tank up to the “MAX” mark with cold fresh water (the maximum capacity is 0.8 litre). or at least the “Min” mark.

– Slide the water tank slowly on water tank base, when the water tank outlet is inserted in the inlet receptacle, pushing firmly on the water grip as shown in direction 2 to lock the water tank.


Flushing out the machine and internal piping

Before using for the first time or after long pauses (e.g. holidays) the machine must be flushed out. This short procedure can flush out and cleans the internal piping thoroughly.

Fill water tank to the maximum level.

Plug in the appliance and turn it on.

The lights on the control buttons are blinking, the lights in the used-capsule container is lighted in blue which goes off after 1 minute.

Tips: you can check easier if the used container is full or not when the blue light is on.

The lights at buttons become steady when the machine is heated up, heating up time is 45 seconds approximately.

Press the lungo coffee button, wait for the appliance to complete the flush out.

– Before pressing the button, make sure that:

– The handle is closed without capsule inside.

– The water tank is full.

– The water tank is firmly in place.Because there is hot cleaning water come out during heating up. Beware of hot water: Danger of scalding!

– The drip tray with the used capsule container is completely inserted (never operate the machine without drip tray set (part D shown in “Overview of machine parts and controls”, or hot water will run out when opening handle.)

– A large bowl ( 250ml size or above) is placed under the dispenser.Press the lungo coffee button to start to flush out.

– Open the handle when the flush out process stopped automatically.

– Empty the cup.

– Flush out cycle is finished.

Note: After the rinse, if the 2 buttons are blinking, means the machines are warming up.


Brewing coffee

*Make sure the water tank is in place before brewing. Because there is hot cleaning water come out during heating up. Beware of hot water: Danger of scalding!

1. Place an empty cup under the dispenser. For small cups, low down the dispensing spout.

2. Move the handle back completely.

3.Insert a capsule to fall straight into the compartment correctly.

4.Close the handle firmly to load the capsule.

5.Press the desired coffee button only once.

6.The selected button will blink and the machine will start pre-brewing then complete the brewing process, dispensing will stop automatically when reaching the default brewing time (25s for espresso, 40s for lungo), the default setting can be programmed, please refer to “how to program volume” instruction.

7.Raise the handle to eject the used capsule into the container.

8.Close the handle.

Tips: *When using the cold machine (for example, using the machine in the morning or the idle time longer than 1 hour), it is suggested to brew water first in order to remove the residual taste of the last cup.

*When brewing is finished, a little water will be discharged to the water tank, it is clean water

  and still drinkable.

Refill hydraulic circuit when water tank is out of water

* It is strongly suggested to be sure there is enough water in the tank before making coffee, minimum level at least. In case water is running out during coffee brewing,  you can stop it by pressing the selected button which is blinking.

Open the handle to eject the used POD. CAUTION: Beware of hot steam: danger of scalding!

Flush out the machine in accordance with “Flushing out the machine and internal piping”.

Programming the coffee volume

Be sure there is enough water in the tank before programming coffee volume. Make sure the water tank is in place before brewing. Because there is hot cleaning water come out during heating up .Beware of hot water: Danger of scalding!

1. Place an empty cup under the dispenser. For small cups, low down the dispensing spout.

2. Raise the handle back completely.

3.Insert a capsule into the compartment gently.

4.Close the handle firmly to load the capsule .

5.Press the desired button and keep it pressed down.Once the desired volume has been reached, release the button, now the button is reprogrammed.

6. After the programming, the brewing time will be recorded in memory. For next use, by clicking the button normally (ie, press once.)


Do the same for other buttons if required.

Volume range:  Controlled by time from 13 s~ 90 s  ( 25ml ~150ml based on  Espresso and lungo), the default time is 25s for small cup and 47s for a large cup.


When programming process is finished, leave the machine for 30 seconds for

cool down prior to open handle.



– Beware of hot steam: danger of scalding!

Tips: the blinking frequency is 1 second 1 blink, hence, you can counter the blinking to know the brewing.



Energy saving mode

The machine enters energy saving mode automatically once the machine is idle for 15 minutes, the 2 buttons will flash cyclically in energy saving mode. To quite energy saving mode, please press either espresso button or lungo button, the appliance will start to warm up with lights blinking, when the buttons are lit steadily, the machine is ready to brew coffee.



Emptying the capsule container and drip tray

The capsule container holds around 10 used capsules.We recommend emptying the used capsule container and the drip tray every day, you can see if the used capsule container is full or not while the blue light is on in the used capsule container.


1.Raise the handle to ensure there is no capsule inside the brewing compartment. 2.Raise the dispensing spout up if it is in low position.

3. Hold the drip tray firmly and pull it out by lifting gently.

4. Dispose of used capsule and drip tray.

5.The used capsule container can be detached, if necessary, from the lower drip tray (snaplock).

6. Rinse out the drip tray set with fresh water.

7. Remove the water from the drip tray, rinse out the water tank with fresh water.

8.After emptying/cleaning, reassemble the parts in reverse order and insert them back to machine in place.

Important: The plastic parts of the machine are not dishwasher safe.


Clean the coffee machine

– Always pull out the power plug before cleaning the machine.

– Never immerse the machine in water or clean it under running water.

− Clean the machine with a dry cloth.

– Never use abrasive cleaning agents or materials (use e.g. dry rags or kitchen paper).





Decalcification / Maintenance

Drinking water varies according to the region. The lime particles in hard drinking water are deposited as residues in the machine and can block the piping and cause damage. To prevent this, be sure to decalcify the machine at the very least after making 300 to 400 cups of coffee or, in any case, if the output falls significantly or, after one or two months. Decalcification must be done correctly to prevent damage. So it is essential to follow these instructions.


– Never clean the machine with vinegar. This causes damage and makes your coffee taste bad.

–Damage caused by incorrect decalcification or failure to decalcify is not covered by the guarantee.

– Caution: Beware of hot water!

1. Recommendations: Purchase commercially available decalcifier (decalcifying liquid), diluted according to the manufacturer‘s instructions; pour the mixture in the water tank.

2. Make sure there is without capsule inside the machine.

3. Place a large bowl under the dispensing head to collect the decalcification diluted and lime residues.

4. Fill the water tank with water to maximum level mixed with decalcifying solution, make sure the solution is dissolved completely.

5. Press the small button to run decalcifying water as you brew coffee normally, repeat for several times to run out the entire tank water.

6. Repeat the process to run another tank of water mixed with the decalcifying solution.

7. Repeat the process to Flush out the intern circuit with a tank of fresh water (without the decalcifying solution) to clean the internal circuit completely.



Factory reset


In case you want to have the default setting of the machine, please follow below instruction



a. Turn off the machine.

b. Press the lungo button and keep the button pressed, then switch on the machine simultaneously, release the button after 3 seconds or when you see the buttons flash.  if the machine is warming up after reset, the machine will flash more than twice).

c.  After above operation, the machine is reset to factory default setting- the following parameters are reset:

  1. Coffee brewing time,

              -25 S

                 -40 S

2.  After the reset, the machine can start to work when the lights are steady.

Tips: make the reset when the machine is warmed up so that you can see flash signal easier.